Most helpful 8-8 Dear Tania, Your post made me think about the different ways we could get involved with blogging at our school. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I particularly like the ones of the young students blogging with their buddies in America. I think linking with you to do a collaborative project would be a good way to start. From Tom

2.  7-8 Dear Elliot I found your book review so fascinating that I am going to borrow The Giver tomorrow. It reminds me of a book I read last year called Checking Out, by David Went. I will let you know when I have finished. Has anyone else read The Giver? From Hannah.

3. 6-8 I love your story, it’s really good.

4. 5- 8 Dear Paul, I don’t understand why you think Jeremy Clarkson should be fired from BBC’s Top Gear. Surely he brings so much pleasure and money to the station that he can be forgiven for his behavior? I would love to know what others think? From Dianne.

5. 4-8 Dear Mrs Davis, I enjoyed watching the video about Earth Watch Day. I am going to talk to as many people in my street as I can, and ask them to participate this year. Who else is planning on turning off their power this Saturday night? I wonder if the street lights will stay on? From Terry.

6. 3-8 Hi Ms D grate to c u r posting sum cool and gr8 stuff on our blog. Blogging is cool!!!!! Lol Cu tomorrow From penny .

7. 2- 8 I got a new dog last night his name is toby and hes sooooo cute. I cant wait to bring hi to scholl s I can show him to everywon From sally J.

8. 1-8 Dear Shanny, My sister is so annoying lol Shes going to grannys over easter yay yay lol gr8.



Cambodia Answers

  1.  Cambodia flag –
  2. Cambodia is in the continent of Asia.
  3. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom penh.
  4. Cambodia is in the northern hemisphere.
  5. The population of Cambodia is 16.72 million people.
  6. The national language of cambodia is Khmer language which is spoken by around nearly 90 percent of the population.
  7. The currency in cambodia is called the cambodian riel.
  8. Australia actually has a defence cooperation program with Australia.
  9. In cambodia you celebrate New Year in April not January.
  10. Cambodia shares a border with Thailand to the North West, Laos to the North East and vietnam to the East.